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Home Picklers, Jammers, and Bakers

California Considers a Cottage Food Law

Since the homemade food renaissance has taken root in California, there’s been no shortage of home picklers, jammers, and bakers. But under current state laws, it’s a misdemeanor for those home artisans to sell their goodies in the open marketplace. Case in point: Last June, Department of Public Health officials shut down ForageSF’s popular Underground Market, which featured mostly home producers, because its sellers were not compliant with local and state regulations.

I do understand that there should be some concerns, on the city level, about made at home food safety. But asking someone who is canning or making jams to follow the same regulations as a company mass producing those same things, feels wrong. My initial feelings involve labeling, that involve the person’s name, should people become ill – so that word can get out to others that have also bought from that individual. There should be some known risks that buyer assumes, and producers should have the ability to sell their excess, or even it peruse it as a hobby.