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Vote Us America’s Favorite Market

American Farmland Trust is having a competition, America’s Favorite Farmers Market. If half of our Facebook friends voted, we would be well in the lead for the state of Massachusetts. If everyone votes, well, that would send a message to the rest of the state. That message would be:

Hello. This is the Salem Farmers’ Market, the Salem in Massachusetts. We not only have a wonderful group of farms, but our vendors overall are great. Don’t get me started on the people that come to our market every week, I would go on and on about how fantastic they are, and you might get bored after about an hour as I wax poetic about how much we appreciate them. But if we win, or at least take Massachusetts, then we can add one more thing to the list of great things going on in Salem right now.

Please take a few minutes, and vote for us. It would be very much appreciated. You can only vote for each market once.