June 25 Market

As I wandered the vendors last week, more strawberries, some Romanesco cauliflower from Maitland Mountain Farm. Eggs are in demand again and we are seeing more and more variety with each week. The fourth is coming up, is it too early to think about the wine and hard cider you might serve at the party? No. It is not.

Jodi bee Bakes should make their triumphant to the Market this week. The retail shop opens today, so now you can check her out at the market, and in her shop during the other days of the week.

This week’s rotating vendors: All Fruit, Auntie Elsie’s Oatmeal Crisps, Honey Pot Farm.

Sponsoring this week is Salem Five Bank, making sure we get the Minimum Daily Requirements for Dustin Pedroia news.

This week, we have a few guests, Essex County Greenbelt Association, No Place for Hate, Salem Solar, City of Salem Curbside Composting.

If you are unfamiliar with any of them … Essex County Greenbelt Association is working to conserve the farmland, wildlife habitat and scenic landscapes throughout the region. Seriously, they are awesome. No Place for Hate is working towards a prejudice-free community in Salem. An important topic, ask about what they are doing. City of Salem Curbside Composting – with CSAs and the Market getting underway, you are going to want to compost. These are the folks that will set you up.

And for music – from 5:00-7:00pm, we bring you Molly Pinto Madigan. After last year, everyone looked around and said … yeah, let’s bring her back again, and again, and again.