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Where we are: Salem, MA

Derby Square on Front St
Also off the Pedestrian Mall
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We accept the SNAP/EBT card. This page answers many questions about the program.

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Local businesses sponsor a Market, local supporting local — which is a beautiful thing.

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  • August 14 Market

    Things you should know:

    Which rotating vendors will be there?

    Red Antler Apothecary

    Any Non-Profits going to be there?

    Salem Recycles

    Who is playing from 5-7pm?

    Radio Scotvoid spinning Oldies (Scott Buchannan) – 60’s vinyl set

    Any special events?

    Salem Theater Company needs to make some room for some new stuff. And they want you to help, by picking up some pretty sweet stuff, cheap.

    If you want to help them with their sale tomorrow, they are opening a "pay-it-forward" fund. If that fund reaches $5,000, Salem Theatre will donate ALL their theatre equipment on sale to a small theatre company/venue in need. That includes lighting consoles, lights, dimmer pack, speakers, amps, monitors, etc. So drop by Salem Farmer's Market Thursday, or visit their donate page, and include the phrase "pay it forward" in the notes