2016 Music Series

We have lined up the music for the 2016 season. A little bit of everything, per usual. Come listen to some rock, folk, celtic, blues, country,¬†60’s hippie, soul,¬†ukulele, and a one man band. Bring the little ones, who have no problem turning the space in front of the musician into their own dance floor, unintentional (friendly) mosh pit. Music is from 5:00-7:00pm unless otherwise noted.

Amy Spillert
Julie Dougherty
Strange Interlude
Will Faust
Kb Whirly
Alexandra and Josh
Jen and Bob Strom
Erinn Brown
T Max
The Whiskey Sippers
Jeff Buckridge
Simons and Goodwin
Molly Pinto Madigan
Howie Newman
Austin Torpedoes
Jon Waterman