Market Tips

People say a lot of things about Farmers’ Markets … the best time to go, how to haggle, what to look for, how to act … which is fine, but not all Markets are the same. After reading a few, we decided to write up some of our own.

Don’t Be Shy

Spend a few minutes chatting it up with the vendors and ask questions, they don’t mind. That is why they are there. Most of them don’t bite.

Talk To Us

Check out the Info Booth, we are happy to tell you what we know. If we don’t know it, we will do our best to find out and get back to you.

There Is No Bad Time to Shop

while those that get there early do get to choose from the widest selection, farmers don’t put everything out right away, and are restocking from their trucks throughout the day — so even if you show up near the end of the Market, there is more available than you think.

Bring Small Bills

It makes life a lot easier.

Buy the Ugly Ones

The ugly ones makes a great confit and the oddest-looking varieties can be the best-tasting!

Try Something New Each Week

You may just find a new addition to your top 5 favorite foods.

Know What Is In-Season

Or, use this chart.