We have one more Winter Market event, if you use Facebook to manage your social life, here is the event page:

Saturday December 19

December Vendors

AerophytesDo you like plants? Do they not like you? Aerophytes may have something you might be interested in, Air plants. They take in water from their leaves, and make unique terrariums. Check out some of their photos.

A & J Lobsters: No description necessary. Unless you are new here. Local folk, sell full on lobsters.

All Fruit Inc.: You may remember them from the Summer Market, or last year’s Winter Market, or one of the many other Northshore Markets. They offer dried fruit snacks with packaging that allows to travel easily.

Bella & Harvey: Baked goods, for the vegan and gluten free crowd. Or your crowd, you don’t have to be a vegan (or gluten free) to enjoy their goods, but if you do hang with that gang, know they are here.

Cannoli Cart: This one is fairly straight-forward, but this is Salem, and as you know, with all this old construction … nothing is straight. What I am saying is they may not have a cart, but they will most definitely have cannolis.

Grammy’s Bakery: Lots of baked goods, the kinds of things you’d find at your grammy’s house, if your grammy baked things like cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies, carrot cake, crumb cake, zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, banana bread, brownies.

Green Phoenix Threads: Upcycled clothing. Think: stuff you had, only now more awesome. Adult and kid sizes.

Heritage Handmade: A regular at our Markets for some time now, they sell jewelry for this super cool cause: Heritage Industries is a non-profit organization founded in 1958 to provide vocational training and opportunities for adults with disabilities. We are a business alternative for companies that want excellent work at competitive prices.

Hickory Nut Farm: They joined our Market late this year, you may be familiar with them. They are a small goat farm, who make a lot different things with the help of their ladies. The folks that found them were pretty darn happy they did.

Hubba Hubba Foods: Rubs, to make your foods taste more better with products like: Dip Me Daddio, Hip to the Chili, Rub My Fish.

K’s Kitchen: Refrigerator pickles. Well, yes, keep them in the fridge, but they aren’t decoration (which would be weird) – they are for eating. They come in the following styles: SrirachaWasabi Ginger, and Bread and Butter.

Long Hill Orchard: Another farm coming back for the day. Welcome them back and say hello!

Mandy’s Wicked Chowdah: I’m not sure Mandy needs any explanation. A Summer Market favorite, now a Winter Market favorite.

New England Dog Biscuit Company: All natural dog biscuits and dog cookies. Just because a dog has proven that he will eat almost anything, doesn’t mean he should. Like us (ok, me) we should all eat a little better. This is one way (for the dogs in your life.)

Permanent Botanicals: Bouquets/arrangements of dried flowers – for those of us that can’t remember to water things. Check out their Facebook page for what you can expect.

Raven Designs: Handmade ring scarves, for when you care about people’s necks not being cold. And this is something we should all care about.

Salem Soapworks: During the holidays, family and friends come over in big numbers, filling your home, and things can get tight. These are not the times to skip that shower. Smell the best, this is your secret weapon.

Salem Spice: Speaking of secret weapons! Need a spice not in the drawer? Want something new to impress the in-laws? Need to hide the fact that you’re not a very good cook? Salem Spice has just what you need. Chat them up, they can help. Think the turkey hotline, only in person, friendlier, more helpful, and able to fix your problem right then and there.

Valicenti Pasta: Because: pasta. If you are cooking a lot, you are going to want a quick easy meal some nights. Or you have company that won’t eat turkey or ham. You could serve them a PB&J, or or could be nice, and offer up Moroccan Braised Carrot & Chick Pea ravioli. Go with the latter. You’ll probably get a card or something after as they will be so grateful.

If this list changes, I’ll make a note of it in some way that is obvious.