Do you like the idea of local communities supporting local businesses or hanging out with a cool bunch of characters? Farms from all over the NorthShore and businesses from New England come to Salem once a week to sell what they grow, bake & make. And to help this experience go smoothly, we depend on people who have an hour (or more) of free time to help get people set up, break down, or be available during the Market hours. If you think helping and interacting with these fine folks could be your thing, then let us know, we’d love to work with you.

Think about it, and send us an email.

Set Up (1:30-3:00PM)

  • Setting up our tents
  • Setting up our equipment (sound stuff for musicians)
  • (Optional, but neighborly, useful, and fun) Helping vendors unpack their goods (light to heavy to awkward-to-hold items)

Market (3:00-5:00PM or 5:00-7:00PM)

  • Counting visitors (great if you love people watching)
  • Answering questions (or finding Gus to answer the questions)

Breakdown (6:30-8:00PM)

  • Breaking down our tents
  • Bring our equipment and supplies down to storage (light to heavy to awkward-to-hold items)
  • (Optional, but neighborly, useful, and fun) Help vendors break their tents down and help pack their trucks/cars (light to heavy to awkward to hold items)
  • (Optional, but neighborly and useful) Watch vendors’ stuff when they go get their trucks/cars