Market Day, September 21

What do we have for mid-September?

Far From the Tree will bring their cider.

If its sweets you are after, look no further than: Grammy’s Bakery and Mia’s House of Sweets.

Have you tried the chickpea salad from Lady Ghada? She has other offerings as well, but I am just saying … try the chickpea salad.

If you have got on the fermenting train, and many of you have, Pigeon Cove Ferments and Maitland Mountain are your go to this week.

Splurge on yourself, and stop by Salem Soapworks, then swing by Shine Jewelry.

Farms and produce? we have them, and they have spades. And rakes, and tractors. Gibney Gardens, Wally’s Vegetables, Maitland Mountain, Grant Family, Clark, Heavens Harvest, and Long Hill.

That is a lot of walking, so visit Pour Mans Coffee for a pick me up. They have more than just coffee.

Beverly Bees will have their honey and beeswax products. People will tell you local honey has benefits. Ask them, they will know better than I.

Mandy’s is back, slinging cups of chowder.

Jaju Pierogi will be selling out of their pierogis again this week. I tried a vegan friendly one. Not because I am vegan, but the filling sounded delicious.

Your trusted bread makers, When Pig’s Fly and Somerville Bread company will be here. And do you know what goes great on bread (among a lot of other things?) Beckah’s Banging Butter. It’s almond butter, in case you were not aware.

If Cider is not your thing, how about Mill River’s wine? Keep a bottle aside for when you have company.

Valicenti Pasta. They have pasta, frozen raviolis (too many to name) and jars of red gravy. You know its good because they call it gravy and not sauce.

And what Northshore Market doesn’t have seafood? Ones that are more inland maybe? Do you want whole lobsters from A&J or Rowand’s fish, crab cakes, salmon burgers, lobster rolls or some of the other things you keep buying her out of before I get around to visiting them?


These folks just want to let you know what they are doing, or are there if you have questions.

The Parks and Rec will have a table. Not the show, but the city’s Parks and Rec. Don’t ask about the show.

The voter registration folk will be on hand with any voter registration questions you have. We have an election this year, and democracy works best when we all vote.

The Health Department will be on hand, as they are most weeks. Don’t be shy.

Salem Sound Coastwatch will be here to talk about how they are protecting our beloved Salem Sound. I hope they are, should they try to recruit you for their non-existant pickleball team (which I just made up) – tell them that pickleball is a sacred sport, and recruiting ringers is not allowed. Should a league exist. We do have some new courts though.