Pre-Order for Thursday

Plan Ahead for Thursday

You don’t have to, but if you want to, you can – at these fine establishments.

Grant Family Farm [see link] eggs, whole chickens, parts of chickens, greens, squash, and cukes.

Valicenti Pasta Farm [see link] raviolis, pasts, and gravies (that’s sauce to you and me).

Fork on a Road [see link] There are instructions for Farmers’ Markets. Starter packs for masala, hummus, deals, and Indian street food.

Wally’s Vegetables Order 2 days ahead for pick-up at the store or one of our farmers’ markets. Farmers’ Market orders please select curbside at checkout. Add your location and date in the comment section.

Rowand Fisheries can accept preorders over the phone. +1 (978) 927-1871 they need to know by 12pm on Thursdays to bring the order to the market.

Roseadela’s [see link]if you put the word Salem into the discount code field, they will bring it to the Market for pick up

Updates as I learn more!