It’s Market Day August 3rd

It’s August? When did that happen?

Lindsay Straw: Traditional Folk Singer, Guitarist & Bouzouki player |

Rotating Vendors

  • Cauldron Fermented Foods
  • Pour Man’s Coffee
  • 1643Meadery
  • Bare Cheek Beauty

More on vendors

  • You will now be able to find Mia’s House of Sweets at the Market weekly.
  • Somerville Bread Company has been with us weekly for a little bit now, wanted to mention that.
  • All Fruit will not be able to make the Market the week.
  • Salem High School has a freight farm, which is part of their sustainable agriculture program. Turns out the program has grown, and from time to time, they will be at the Market, selling the fruits* of their labor. Those fruits may actually be greens, and not actual fruit.
  • National Park Service will be here promoting the Maritime Festival