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August 20 Market

This week, the rotating vendors will be All Fruit, Auntie Elsie’s Oatmeal Crisps, and Honey Pot Farms. Which means Just Herbals will be here next week.

This Week’s Sponsor: Salem Five Bank. Check out their summahtime photo contest. You have ten more days!

Come by and say hello to PALS Animal Life Savers. If you need a shot of morning cuteness, their wall is chock full of it.

Music this week is Amy Spillert.Check out her YouTube channel, see what she is all about. Reading her Facebook wall, i see she has been busy rocking (or Folking) out the Farmers’ Market scene this year. Catch her today, as she continues her (what I just made up, but maybe it is a real thing) 2015 New England Farmers’ Market Tour!

Vendor News:
This is the last week for La Crêperie de Stéphanie, as she goes back to her other job, teaching.

Do not forget that this weekend is the Grand Opening for Far From The Tree Craft Hard Cider.

Recipe News

Bambolina shared with us a delicious way to enjoy corn, Italian Street Corn to be precise. Just a little something to make the week a little nicer.